1 Side Hustle Ideas

1. Blog

If you want to sit at home, and be able to make a good amount of money, you could start blogging.

When you blog, you should be blogging about something, you have great knowledge about. So start out by choosing a niche topic for your blog. Choosing a niche, is great because it make you seem like an expert, and it will also give high rankings on Google since, your blog is always about the same kind of thing, so when search for something on Google that is related to your blog, your blog will rank high.

After you have chosen your blogs topic, and niche field. Write down on a piece of paper, at least 50 article ideas, for your new blog, this will make sure that you know, that your new blog, will have a good amount of content, before launching it, and it will even prove to yourself, that you actually have something to say in this field, and you are passionated about it.

Then you need a website, which is were you will write your articles for your blog, make sure its not an old design nor too fancy and your readers will loose attention to your articles, some good modern designs, with great colors and a user-friendly experience, if you make sure of this, your are already on your way to a new great business journey.

Remember to have social media, and update them often, with a lot of good hashtags and however the social media website uses keywords, for outreach. The social media websites could be sites like, instagram, twitter, facebook and other highly visited social media platforms.